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About The Owner & the Dogs

How did ALT Texas Heelers ever dream of becoming what we are today??

The year 2007 was a year of cross country change, new beginnings, and a new location! ALT Texas Heeler's owner, Ashley Travis, was in the middle of obtaining her Animal Science Bachelor's degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Her home for more than 7 years, 3T cattle ranch in Woody, CA and the coastal college she was just beginning to become accustomed to were being said "Good-bye". With Australian Cattle Dog, ALT Ramblin Man "Hitch", and Australian Shepherd, "Rica", in the bed of the truck they made the journey for College Station, TX.

Ashley had secured a job with Sexing Technologies in Navasota, TX and decided transferring to Texas A&M University to finish her degree, continue research and experience new places was best done without hesitation.

Ashley never imagined Hitch would play a role in her future more so than being her faithful companion, her "son", the best dog in the world, and her best friend. Hitch and Rica had their first litter in the Fall of 2007. This was the first deliberate Texas Heeler litter that would begin the next course her life would take. From that first litter, the cross proved to be a highly sought after dog. Over the next few years, Ashley acquired Australian Shepherd females from various parts of the country that fit what she wanted in a quality companion, working, family, or agility dog. She began producing "Texas Heeler" litters, all sired by ALT Ramblin Man "Hitch". The cross became increasingly popular as each year went by.

Ashley established her standard for raising puppies that also proved to be successful. Ashley is always trying to improve and become more successful with raising her puppies as well as caring for her individual dogs. Her life is basically surrounded by these dogs and puppies. She feels that these high standards and continuing education on raising puppies and dogs has shown brightly through the offspring and Purebred Sires and Dams within her breeding program.

There are now numerous Texas Heeler puppies throughout the United States that have been raised at ALT Texas Heelers. Ashley strongly encourages looking through the various pages of this website as well as connecting to her TexasHeeler Heeler Puppies Facebook page to see the various "get" that happy owners and family members post for the world to see.

Feel free to contact Ashley at any time with any inquiries you may have! Thank you for visiting ALT Texas Heelers!

ALT Texas Heelers is THE BEST IN TEXAS!